4 Reasons Why to Use a Full-Service Builder for Your Remodel

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4 Reasons Why to Use a Full-Service Builder for Your Remodel

A home renovation is a great way to refresh your space or make changes for more efficiency. Whether you purchased a “fixer upper” or your living space needs an upgrade, a remodel is a great way to add value and function to your home.

Renovating your home can be an exciting or stressful experience depending on several factors: sourcing skilled trades, budgeting, scheduling, and managing contracts can be a tall order for a homeowner. While it is not impossible to manage a home renovation project yourself, it can become very costly and time consuming. Here are 4 reasons why getting a custom home builder to complete your renovation is great idea...

Reason #1: Detailed Project Management


A full-service home builder will manage the entire construction project from start to finish. This means they will be in charge of all parts of your renovation from hiring and managing subcontractors, scheduling and budgeting. Attempting to do this as the homeowner requires significant time and effort, not to mention the challenges that come along without the industry knowledge that a seasoned professional can provide. When it comes to running a large scale renovation, one small hiccup in the schedule can throw your project behind by weeks, or worse yet, months. Save yourself the headache and let a pro do it for you.


Reason #2: Superior Interior Design 


A custom home builder already has a cohesive team that includes that will bring your design to life. Hiring a team that is already assembled and accustomed to working together means the work is done more efficiently. Additionally, your project may require more drawings for permitting, engineering and construction, so working with an exterienced general contractor means that you will have everything you need before you know you need it.


Reason #3: Adhering to Building Code and Allowances


A full-service builder will have a thorough understanding of the building codes, required permitting needs and allowances required to complete your home renovation. This ensures compliance and protects you from rework down the road. There is no worse surprise then something not passing inspection, so working with an experienced planning and trades team ensures this will not happen to you.


Reason #4: Unbeatable Industry Experience


Partnering with a custom home builder means you get the expertise of a construction company in your home. This takes the guesswork out of vetting and sourcing all the trades required to complete your project.


Deciding on a home renovation is always a wise investment that will make your space more inviting, give your property curb appeal and add value. To ensure your project has a happy ending, it is so important to hire a professional that can leverage their experienced team, and superior craftsmanship to bring your home renovation to life. FLR Custom Homes is Kelowna's most trusted team when it comes to any home remodels and renovations. From breathtaking design, to detailed planning and stunning workmanship, you can trust that your home is in excellent hands from start to finish. For a consultation for your project, call 778-721-5791 or fill out this contact form.


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