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There is a peace found on the waterfront that cannot be found anywhere else. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the soft lapping of water, the cool and refreshing breeze that blows across the lake, the call of loons from the distant shore; this serene tranquility also offers opportunities for recreation like swimming, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing and more.

Lakeside living provides the perfect place to find balance. Whether you are seeking to live on the lake full-time, create a vacation retreat, or develop a revenue property FLR can help you build a lakefront home to provide your getaway for summer days or for everyday.

Respecting The Land You Will Call Home

When you choose to build a home amid the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley, the location, the regional terrain, and the surrounding habitat should all inform the design. FLR Lakefront Homes are thoughtfully designed to optimize views and privacy, water access, and indoor/outdoor living while anticipating the unique challenges and concerns that the natural elements present to a waterfront build. And when you are enjoying the benefits of living lakefront in the Okanagan you can be a steward for the land that offers you so much by building with eco-efficiency and sustainability in mind. FLR Lakefront Homes are:

Net Zero/ Passive Energy: Our passive energy homes produce as much energy as they use or can be built to incorporate such energy and cost saving features as solar panels in the future. They are energy and water efficient and have a substantial thermal building envelope to minimize heat and cooling loss and promote healthy indoor air quality.

Environmentally Responsible: Incorporating smart home technologies and advanced construction techniques your home will maintain consistent temperatures throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens resulting in exceptional energy performance, reduced operational costs, and the ultimate experience in eco-friendly and sustainable living.

An Investment In The Future: Built to a higher standard than conventional new homes, a Net Zero Home is more durable – with high performance, warm windows and better insulated walls giving you a comfortable home environment and protecting your investment through every season and for years to come.

The FLR team is ready to guide you through every step to create the Lakefront home of your dreams. From land acquisition to key delivery, our process is thoughtful, simple and considerate of your time and the land you will call home. Connect with us and explore your options for waterfront living in the Okanagan.

An Elevated Experience On Every Build

FLR Custom homes have created an equaled custom building customer experience streamlined with the knowledge, skills, and proficiency garnered over 5 decades in homebuilding. We bring this elevated level of service to each project we collaborate on from the most elaborate and extensive Custom Estate build, through Custom Infills, Lakefront Developments, and Professionally Designed Homes, to the most simple and modest Carriage Home. And always with an eye to advancing sustainability.

Lakefront Homes FAQ's

A Net Zero Ready home can still be connected to the electricity grid, so it can meet changing household energy needs throughout the day and year. Being connected to the grid allows homeowners to tap into electricity available from their local hydro company at times when solar production is low, during emergencies, or when maintenance or repair of energy systems are needed.

By choosing to build a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home you can help to lower the environmental impact of building on the waterfront. Net Zero Homes reduce the reliance on the energy sector, thus improving their resiliency. Building a passive energy home allows you to protect your investment and to protect the beauty of the land you call home.

FLR can help you find the ideal lakeshore lot and custom design your home to take full advantage of the views and property amenities. Your home will be designed to look like it was meant to be exactly where it is.

Built Different

Built Different

Our team of architects, designers, craftsmen, and construction professionals are changing the landscape of the Okanagan, bulldozing the standard building process, and setting a new standard for customer experience. We don’t think outside the box… we are building a whole new box. FLR Custom Homes Kelowna is the future of homebuilding.

Live The Okanagan Dream

Life in the Okanagan means idyllic lakes, lush orchards, stunning views, endless skies, and the opportunity to live your best life. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams amid the abundant beauty that can be found here, connect with FLR Custom Homes today. Share your vision for your perfect home and together let’s make it happen.

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