Building a Custom Home in Kelowna: 9 Things You May Not Know

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When you build a custom home in Kelowna, it may feel like a dream come true. It epitomizes designing a space that captures your personality and lifestyle. While an exciting endeavour, several important considerations may take time to be apparent. Let's dive in while we explore nine essential points you may need to learn that come along with building a custom home in Kelowna. We hope this article provides valuable insight while navigating the journey of building a custom home.


1. Plan, plan again, and then plan some more. Constructing a custom home must include meticulous planning long before breaking ground. Each element of the home demands attention to ensure a smooth build. We’ve seen time and time again that for every minute of well-invested planning comes with money saved from hiccups and headaches during construction.


2. Budget costs outside of the build. Outside of the actual ‘cost per square foot’ construction costs, other expenses are not immediately obvious. Permitting, land surveying, utility hookups, landscaping, and unforeseen costs can arise during construction. We always recommend having a contingency budget to manage these other expenses and speaking with your Kelowna Custom Home Builder to discuss what to expect.


3. Being flexible will allow for a stress-free project. A custom home can take longer to build than a conventional home because of the highly customized features in the design and construction. In addition, inclement weather, permitting delays, and changes can happen, affecting the timeline. Having realistic timeline expectations and planning for changes will help you enjoy the experience.


4. Zoning and Permitting. There are some intricacies to navigating and obtaining permits. Different areas within Kelowna, West Kelowna, and surrounding areas will have their own regulations regarding building codes, zoning, building height, setbacks, allowances, and protected areas. Working with an experienced contractor from the beginning can help prevent costly mistakes and delays.


5. Planning for Sustainability from the Start. Adding in eco-friendly materials such as solar panels, triple pane windows, and energy-efficient appliances must be incorporated into the planning and design from the start. Ensure you end up with the exact home you desire by taking the time to plan effectively.


6. Excellent Communication Makes for a Smooth Project. Effective communication with everyone on your team is so important for success. Open dialogue, including expectations and regular updates, can prevent misunderstandings and major headaches. Ensure your custom home builder allows for regular site visits and meetings to keep everyone on the same page.


7. Decision Fatigue Can and Will Happen! The best part of a custom home is that every single feature is designed to your liking, but sometimes making those decisions can feel exhausting! From room layouts to exterior material options, plumbing fixtures to paint colours, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. Create a clear vision board on Pinterest or Houzz before beginning, and rely on the guidance of professionals who can help you with your choices along the way.


8. Emotions Will Play a Role. It's easy to become overly attached to the process and every single detail. While building a custom home is an exciting, exhausting, and one-of-a-kind journey, remaining emotionally detached from bumps and hiccups along the way will reduce stress and make the entire experience more enjoyable.


9. Plan for Now and Then. While it’s easy to plan your home for what you need now, it’s important to consider your long-term needs, also. Homes are a big investment, so it’s good to think about how your family might grow or change in the upcoming years. Future-proof your home to save you from costly renovations and headaches down the line.


Your Reliable and Experienced Home Builder: FLR Developments


Constructing a custom home in Kelowna is a gratifying journey enabling you to shape a space that perfectly aligns with your family’s needs, dreams, and goals. Armed with knowledge and readiness, you can transform your dream into an exquisite reality that you will treasure for many years ahead.


If a stunning, well-crafted, time-tested home is on the horizon for you, be sure to speak with someone from the FLR Developments team for a complimentary consultation for your dream home. Be sure to check out some of our projects, and portfolio.

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