Stay or Go? Whether or Not to Move Out During a Home Renovation.

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If you are thinking about completing a large renovation in your home, surely the question of whether to stay, or go, during construction has come up. Both options offer up benefits and drawbacks so its important to weigh out the pros and cons before you decide either way. This article will cover some major points to contemplate before calling your contractor, as well as some tips to keep in mind should you decide to stay during construction.


Without a doubt, remodeling your home is an exciting experience! Making your home more functional, updating it's design, and FINALLY adding that walk through closet you have been dreaming of are all reasons to celebrate. But, before your can enjoy your new space there is one topic of conversation that a custom home renovations company gets asked time and time again: 'Can we stay at home during the construction?'


Home Renovations in Kelowna: What to Consider


Choosing to live at home, or move out during a renovation depends on a few factors. Here is a comprehensive list to weigh out before making a decision either way:

Can We Afford to Live Somewhere Else During the Renovation? Surely, this is the first and most important factor which will play into your decision. Many people don't realize that a large hone renovation will add in additional living expenses into their renovation budget to temporarily relocate their family to an Airbnb, a short term rental unit, or take an extended stay with family. Whatever you choose, adding this into your renovation budget from the start will make the decision much simpler.

Do We Have the Timeline to Allow us to Live in a Home Under Construction? No matter how efficient of a packer and organizer you are, living at home while an entire floor, or area, is under construction will inevitably draw out your renovation timeline. When a home is empty for a period of time, the team is then able to work longer without worrying about disrupting your and anyone else who lives there. This will speed up your overall renovation timeline and ensure that you can get back into your beautiful, updated space asap.

Can We Handle the Dust, Noise and Distractions During a Renovation? Construction is LOUD! Home and Garden TV makes it look like a custom design home makeover can happen in the blink of an eye, but they often forget to show the mess, noise, dust and comings and goings of many people- day in and day out. With more and more people working from home than ever before, this is a big consideration when deciding whether or not to move out during a home renovation. Another note about dust: if you, or someone in your family, has allergies, asthma, or other health concerns the dust from construction may be too much to handle.

Will Our Renovation Cause Major Living Disturbances? A basement development is one thing. but home renovations that involves moving and cutting off electricity and water is reason enough for relocation during the project. Ask your contractor how long the  power and water will be unavailable during the remodel and this alone can help you make up your mind whether or not to move during our during a home renovation.


Tips for Remaining in the Home for a Renovation


  1. Be sure to have a construction free zone. If you are renovating the main floor, be sure that the basement is sealed off and that is your dust and noise free reduced area.
  2. Get a timeline from your contractor. Knowing what is happening when will allow you to move things (or move out!) and plan accordingly.
  3. Consider a storage solution. Ordering a storage container to your home, or renting an off site storage unit, will allow you to move out anything that will be in the way, and not needed, during the renovation.
  4. Rethink a relocation. Time is money. When you choose to stay in your home during a home improvement project it's guaranteed to be slower, and have additional safety concerns for those living in the home. It may seem easier, or less costly, to remain in place but time and time again moving out has saved time and money for the homeowner.


Partnering with the Pros: FLR Custom Homes Kelowna Renovations


The planning and preparation phase of a remodel, or home retrofit as we call it, is as important as the actual construction. The more detailed planning beforehand ensures that your project goes off without a hitch. When looking for a general contractor to complete your renovation, be sure to ask them their opinion on staying in the home vs moving out during your initial consultation.

FLR Custom Homes Kelowna is your trusted home renovations specialists. Through careful planning, design, and online project management platform, you know your home, budget and timelines are in good hands. With over 4 decades of home building and renovation experience contact our team by filling out the form below or calling (778) 721-5791 to begin planning your dream home.

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