The Future of Homebuilding in Kelowna: Net Zero Homes

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The Future of Homebuilding in Kelowna: Net Zero Homes

Climate change, environmentally-friendly, carbon footprint, energy efficient - these are terms that have been swirling in the public psyche farther back than Al Gore. Daily ads touting more sustainable clothing, and the rise in popularity of Teslas coupled with car companies’ newfound commitment to go all-electric is evidence of our desire as a society to reduce our impact.

Now, homeowners have begun to explore how they can translate this principle to one of their biggest purchases, the home.


Beautifully Built Environmentally-friendly Custom Homes

Net Zero Homes are the latest standard in energy efficient living. Simply put, a Net Zero home (also known as a passive home) produces as much energy as it consumes. Through a host of factors including construction materials, design, energy-efficient appliances, and more, a Net Zero home is able to reduce the amount of energy they consume by up to 80% over a regular home. To counteract the small amount of energy Net Zero homes do consume, solar panels are often used for energy regeneration. Although this can sound like an endeavour only for new builds, having a Net Zero home is not limited to custom home building. Though it may take some effort, well planned renovations like re-orienting windows to capture more passive warmth can help you retrofit your home to become net zero.


Are Net Zero Homes Really 'Zero'?

Yes. Since Net Zero homeowners generate as much energy as they buy from local hydro companies, their energy impact really is zero.

However, planning a new zero or passive home build can be out of many peoples’ budgets. Well-intentioned homeowners lacking in resources have begun to build adjacent Net Zero Ready Homes. These are homes that have lowered their energy consumption to a minimum and are ready for solar PV installation and to connect to the grid with a PV array, but haven’t installed panels quite yet. This style of energy efficient custom home is referred to as 'Net Zero Ready'.


Benefits of Building a Passive Home

From Kelowna to the Okanagan and beyond, there are benefits to a Net Zero home wherever you’re located. They include:

  1. Cost-savings: Say goodbye to expensive energy bills and become more immune to fluctuations in energy prices with a Net Zero home. Since energy consumption is greatly reduced, so are your utility bills and even more you can earn credits from selling back the energy you generate to the grid.
  2. Increased comfort: Net Zero homes are tightly built with high quality materials and are well insulated. For example, at FLR Custom Homes Kelowna we use Legalett’s insulated slab foundations and ThermalWall PH panel wall insulation, Frametech’s cold formed steel framing, and Soprema’s air and vapour barrier to build your home like a tightly sealed envelope.  This means no more experiencing drafts, even temperatures throughout the home, and a quieter environment because air and noise from the outside are kept exactly there, outside.
  3. Better air quality: High-quality air filtration systems are typically built into passive homes as well as energy recovery ventilation systems, like the ones from Zehnder which exchange stale, moist air from the inside with warm fresh air. This also improves air quality by reducing radon levels in the home.


Whether you are looking a brand new custom home, or are hoping to make your current more energy efficient, FLR Custom Homes Kelowna has the industry experience, knowledge, and expertise to make your home a little bit more green. Build ahead of the curve and reach out to us today.

Built Different

Built Different

Our team of architects, designers, craftsmen, and construction professionals are changing the landscape of the Okanagan, bulldozing the standard building process, and setting a new standard for customer experience. We don’t think outside the box… we are building a whole new box. FLR Custom Homes Kelowna is the future of homebuilding.

Live The Okanagan Dream

Life in the Okanagan means idyllic lakes, lush orchards, stunning views, endless skies, and the opportunity to live your best life. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams amid the abundant beauty that can be found here, connect with FLR Custom Homes today. Share your vision for your perfect home and together let’s make it happen.

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