The Value a Home Addition Adds to Your Property

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The Value a Home Addition Adds to Your Property

A home addition, or extension, is a practical and lucrative way for Kelowna home owners to increase the value of their home while also helping to meet their family's unique needs. When an updated space alone won't suffice and more space is what's required, a custom home addition is sure to be the solution. With several building options to consider, finding the location of your dreams does not mean you have to compromise on square footage. Here are four types of expansions that add value to your home.


Permitting and zoning requirements for a home addition is as unique as each project. Building an addition to an existing home, or infill, is a complex endeavor that requires the expertise of an experienced custom home builder. Before you start any project, your contractor should be able to help you look into exactly what can and cannot be hone to your home.

Once this information is determined, there are four main types of additions to consider when exploring this type of build:

Room Addition: also known as a bump out, this is a great way to add a small, single function room to your home either at the front, back or side of the existing structure. This is the best option if you need just a little bit of extra space in the dining room, or perhaps an extra bedroom or bathroom. This small expansion project alone can move your home up a price bracket when listing it for sale.

Carriage House: this addition is an entirely separate structure. Most carriage homes are built behind the existing home as a small bungalow, or on top of a detached garage. With a carriage home you can have a complete secondary home separate from the main home with a full living area, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen -making it a great option for a lucrative rental property.

Upper-level Extension: this type of addition is achieved by developing upwards and adding another floor to your home. This is achieved either by temporarily removing the roof to build the addition or building it outwards above a flat roofed garage.

Enclosed Sunroom: a sunroom is an extension of your home, connected by a door, to an enclosed outdoor living area. These rooms can be built with materials to compliment the exterior of your home or with different types of weather resistant materials. This option will provide the additional square footage you may be looking for, and in Kelowna can often be used almost year round!

When a home renovation on it's own will not accomplish your goals, an addition or extension is an excellent alternative. All of these types of home improvements come with their own unique challenges and requirements, so it is important to partner with a professional custom home builder to turn your dream home into a reality.

FLR Custom Homes Kelowna are your trusted and experienced team. With decades of experience and hundreds of projects under their belt, you can trust that your home expansion project will be meticulously planned, coordinated and executed. If you are wondering what your Kelowna home can have added to it, contact their team today for a consultation. Call 778-721-5791 or fill out the contact form on this webpage.

Home Addition FAQ's

Yes. Part of the process during planning and design is to ensure the new extension looks exactly how you want it to. It can be matched to your existing exterior, or the entire home can be redone on the outside for a new style.

No, home additions are built to the same spec and code as the rest of the home, with the proper insulation, heating, and air ventilation systems. At FLR Custom Homes, the team will advise you on exactly what is needed in regards to the HVAC and insulation to ensure your extension feels as good as, or better than, the rest of the home.

Like any custom construction project, a home addition can vary greatly in cost depending on the scope, size, and existing structure it is being added to. The best way to determine the cost is through a consultation with an experienced custom home builder such as FLR Custom Homes Kelowna.

Live The Okanagan Dream

Life in the Okanagan means idyllic lakes, lush orchards, stunning views, endless skies, and the opportunity to live your best life. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams amid the abundant beauty that can be found here, connect with FLR Custom Homes today. Share your vision for your perfect home and together let’s make it happen.

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